How to apply

Grades 4 to 6
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  • Child must be entering 4th to 6th grades
  • Parent or guardian at home to supervise occasionally
  • Consistently reliable internet connection
  • A reliable device preferably with a webcam and microphone
  • A quiet space to learn preferably with minimal distractions

What to expect


Fill out application form
providing us with information about you & your child (photo, digital copy of birth certificate, immunization card)


Complete diagnostic test
This test will help us know what to expect when your child joins us and how best we may meet their specific learning needs.


Pay Fee
Pay the registration fee (fee may be waived for special scenarios or promotions).


Review and process your application
We will review your child's documents to ensure all application requirements are met.


Interview Parent/Guardian
We may reach out to the listed parents and guardians for a brief interview. Just to get to know you a little better.


Recieve Decision
You will receive an email with our decision, likely confirming your spot with us for the new school year!


Welcome to EduFocal (onboarding)
We then follow up with additional communication such as book lists, class schedules, school handbooks and all the information you need to get started with EduFocal Academy. Congratulations again!

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School Fees

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